Welcome to the Carnival “The Secret of Love – The Art of Life”! One week of partying + econetworking + selfdiscovery in Transylvania (Feb. 27 – Mar. 05)

Einladung zu einer Woche Karneval + NGO-Netzwerken + Selbsterkenntnis/Entspannung und, und, und in Tusnad/Harghita!
Invitatie la o saptamana de carnaval + ecosocializare + autocunoastere/relaxare si, si, si, la Tusnad/Harghita!
Invitation to one week of carnival + eco-networking + selfdiscovery/relaxing and much more in Tusnad/Harghita, Romania

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The Secret of Love – The Carnival of Life

February 27 – March 5, 2014 (part-time participation possible as well)
Tusnad Bai / Tusnad Furdo, Harghita county, Transylvania/Romania
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5-6-7 days of successive, excessive, impressive workshops, carnival parties, cooking, hiking tours together with a 30-50 or even more eco-social-political activists and creative people of all kind from Romania, Europe & the Universe.

See above! (February 27 – March 5, 2014)


1. Why not?
2. Because!
3. It’s time to [re]think our lives, our loves, our passions, our obsessions, our failures, our victories, our doubts, our beliefs, ourselves. Agree, right? 😉
4. Let’s not forget or just simply [re]discover partying, socializing, dancing, singing, having a really good time together, knowing, understanding, accepting, loving ourselves and each other more then ever before…
5. ‘Cause Carnival has all these elements in one: party, masquerade, dance, laughter, love, illusion, magic and …religion. Carnival shows us that “it” is all (in) one
6. ‘Cause there might be a trick in life or some kind of magic, or a secret of love – that is waiting to be revealed
7. ‘Cause you might have your very personal reason…


THU 27. 02.: Preparation, organisational stuff + Women’s Carnival (“Weiberfastnacht” according to German Carnival tradition)
FRI 28. 02.: Arrival + Warm-up Carnival
SAT 01. 03.: Seminars about environmental/social/… other issues + Big Carnival (in a Hotel’s restaurant, with food, drinks, music, dance, DJ, etc.)
SUN 02. 03.: Relax, walks/hikes + Pool Carnival at night (in the newly opened “Wellness Center” with thermal water, sauna, Jacuzzi, etc.)
MON 03. 03.: Relax, seminars, walks/hikes
TUE 04. 03.: Final seminars + Final Carnival (“Mardi Gras”, “Faschingsdienstag”) with sharp end on WED 00.00 a.m. (“Aschermittwoch”), the official beginning of the lenting period before Easter.
WED 05. 03.: Going to the mass at one of the two churches in town (Roman Catholic, Romanian Orthodox), departure



In Tusnad Bai/Tusnad Furdo, a small but cosy mountain resort and spa in the Eastern Carpathians in Transylvania’s “Szekely” Region. It’s 250 km North of Bucharest, 100 km N of Brasov/Kronstadt/Brasso, 250 km East of Cluj/Kolozsvar/Klausenburg, 250 km Southwest from Iasi


…Can attend?
Friends of the organizer(s) and their friends (upon recommendation and after confirmation by organizers)
…Organizes it?
For now it’s just me, Hans Hedrich, but it might be an NGO that will join in, to make it more ‘official’ and grounded.

Please count a 12 Euro/day for accommodation + 5 Euro/day for food (own cooking) + X Euro/day for drinks + approx. 15 euro for the Big Carnival’s dinner on SAT + 11 Euro for the Pool Carnival on SUN = approx.60 Euro/5day accommodation + 25 Euro/5 day food + 26 Euro/2 Carnival events
=> 110 Euro/5 days; or 50 Euro/2 days (Carnival event on SAT included) + transport costs depending on where you come from.
These rather low fares are due to the extra season and overcapacities of the hotels which allows for good bargains and still very good, friendly services… Hopefully the cheap fares don’t make it look a “cheap” event! 😉 That’s what the prices are like there! (Which is great!)


This event is just the “beta” event and the pre-notation phase of the whole thing – so we can check the interest and estimate the participation, in order to know if we can hold the event at all or not. Minimum number of participants required: approx. 30. Maximum: 50-60, with a peak at the SAT Big Carnival of 100. Minimum days of participation required: The idea is to be together from the very first to the very last day. But we’d be happy to have you there even for 1 day! So, it’s up to you but we encourage a loooooong stay – ‘cause this might dramatically change your life! 🙂 Oh, yes!
…OK, by February 5th – 10th we should know more or less if we’re enough to book 1-2 pensions/small hotels in Tusnad Bai for that week and make the reservations.
Precondition for participation will be – apart from being friends or friends of our friends the payment in advance of the accommodation fee (or part of it).
PS: Since we don’t know all each other [well], the organizers keep the right to make the final decision upon the participation of the guests.


…Can we do there?
1. Seminaring: Talking and exchanging ideas about what is interesting and important to you.
2. Hiking on marked paths through the wild Carpathians (i.e. to Saint-Ann’s Lake, a gorgeous lake in a nature preserve in a volcanic crater a few km away from Tusnad, …It’s one of the ‘iconic’ landscapes of Romania!),
3. Skiing right near the hostel on a rather steep but well prepared slope (Ski lift)
4. Skating in a skating rink or maybe even on the frozen “Ciucas-Lake” next to the spa
5. Spa-ing, swimming, sauna-ing, salt-chambering, Jacuzzi-ing, (You will try, probably for the first time in your life, “szekely-Jacuzzi”! – sitting together in hot water in an open wooden barrel under the winter sky!)
6. Eating, loving, praying, playing, reading, sleeping, drinking, laughing, hugging, kissing, singing, sitting, asking, understanding, discovering, demanding, giving, taking. It’s all inside you – therefore it’s all up to you…


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