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Welcome to Saxopolis – Orastie – Broos – Szászváros!

Share TransylvaniaDreaming No. 1 – a regionalist-cultural-historic-touristic-holistic (small scale) event organised in Geoagiu/Algyogy, Hunedoara/Hunyad county, close to Orastie, somewhere between Alba Iulia and Deva at the feet of the ‘Metaliferi’ mountainrange. Below some pics from Orastie, a former Transylvanian... Read more

Southern Transylvania in 2043. Science based development scenarios for the former “Saxon Area”

Share EN: This is an article about a large scale socio-ecological scientific study about the possible future(s) of Southern Transylvania (partly the Western part of the Szekely region) – for all those really interested about the former Saxon area... Read more

“He smashed sixteen sheep ’cause he was so upset”! Homo (non)sapiens meets bear in Transylvania (I.)

Share Below some funny and/or very inspiring and wise remarks and observations of a 58 year old rom/gipsy from the village of Dealu Frumos / Brasov county(?) about his experience with bears in that area. The interview with him... Read more

SHALE GAS in ROMANIA: VICTORY over illegally working exploration company in Transylvania

Share MOSNA/MESCHEN, Sibiu county, Transylvania/Romania, November 16, 2013 After a day full of drama and fight against the illegal shale gas explorations in the village of MOSNA/MESCHEN in Sibiu county in Transylvania, the approx. 100 protesters, supported by many... Read more

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