Party details for “The Secret of Love – The Art of Life” (Travel, Schedule)

Party details for
“The Secret of Love – The Art of Life
“Taina Iubirii – Arta Vietii”

Eco-activist carnival in Tusnad Bai/Tusnadfurdo
Thursday, Feb. 27 – Wednesday, March 5 2014

WHERE: Tusnad Bai = Baile Tusnad, Hostel: CSOMAD Panzio, Str. Kovacs Miklos nr. 64, located 150m to the right from the ski slope and 100m from the Hotel Fortuna, at the Northern end of Tusnad Bai/Tusnadfurdo.

Above: Csomad Panzio

Above: Hotel Fortuna + ski slope (Csomad Panzio is 100 to the right)

HOTLINE/HELPDESK (during the event pls. use it only for emergencies or when you don’t find you’re way 🙂 004-0752-616128 (Hans)

As said, 12 Euro/day/person for accommodation + approx. 5 Euro/day for food (own cooking) + 50 Lei (=2,5 Euro) for the Pool-Carnival + whatever you spend on drinks + other services (sauna, szekely-jacuzzi, spa, massage)
…A little donation to cover other costs related to the organisation (several trips to Tusnad etc.) is welcome.

A. By train: Get off in Baile Tusnad (situated approx. 45 minutes from the main towns of Sf. Gheorghe (South) and Miercurea Ciuc (North), the next stop after “Bixad” station, coming from the South). Coming from the South, the train station as well as the whole town is on the right side, on a hill. You can’t miss the town full of hostels and hotels in the shady, narrow valley! Shortly before the station you’ll pass by a lake and a pavillon in the midddle of it)
1. Leave the station to the right,
2. Follow the paved road upwards for a 50m,
3. Take the few stairs to the left that lead you right to the main road.
4. Cross the road (watch out for the traffic! 😉
5. Keep left on the sidewalk
6. Pass by (actually “through”) the petrol station in front of you;
7. Walk 100m to the restaurant “Szekely Csarda / Hanul Secuiesc”;
8. Turn right in front of it and follow the steep and winded paved street upwards
9. Follow this street for a 400-500m – it will go downwards again after some time. On your left and right side you’ll see lots of hostels (new, old, in construction).
10. Leave behind a little street that crosses the street you’re following straight ahead.
11. One of the last buildings next to the street on your right side, before arriving to Hotel Fortuna, is CSOMAD Panzio.
12. For check-in come to the longish wooden building next to the caravan – it’s the dining room, meeting point and party room!

Above: Train station in Baile Tusnad

Above: The Lake with the pavillon in Tusnad, shortly before the train station (and right next to the Spa center where we’ll have the pool carnival!)

B. By bus/car; coming from the South (direction of Bucharest, Brasov, Sf. Gheorghe/Sepsiszentgyorgy):
1. Drive through the longish town of Tusnad Bai,
2. After descending for 1-2 kms, pass by the blue-yellow coloured petrol station to your right,
3. Follow the winded main road upwards for approx. 1 km and after there aren’t houses anymore to your right, you’ll see the steep ski slope and Hotel Fortuna, made of wood.
4. Turn sharp right and keep right again and you’ll see the hostel at a 100m in front of you (look out for the old caravan in front of it!). The hostel is made up of 4 buildings.
5. For check-in come to the longish wooden building next to the caravan – it’s the dining room, meeting point and party room!

C. By bus/car, coming from the North (Miercurea Ciuc/Csikszereda):
1. Shortly after passing the traffic sign with then name of Tusnad Bai or Baile Tusnad, you’ll see to your left the hotel Fortuna and the ski slope.
2. Turn sharp left and keep slightly right and you’ll see the Hostel in front of you!
3. For check-in come to the longish wooden building next to the caravan – it’s the dining room, meeting point and party room!


(proposal, subject to brainstorming and change)

WED / MIE – 26. 02.
18.00-20.00: Maskpainting in Sf. Gheorghe (close to Tusnad Bai)

THU / JOI – 27. 02.
10.00-12.00h: Buying food & drinks Sf. Ghe.
13.00-14.00: Organisers’ trip to Tusnad Bai
14.30-15.00: Arrival of and picking up the first guests from Bucharest and Sofia by train
15.00-19.00: “Taking over” of the pension, preparations, testing wifi, music, sauna, szekely jacuzzi, presentation of the Carnival surprises, etc.
19.00-20.00: cooking dinner
20.00-21.00: Dinner
21.00: Testcarnival

FRI / VIN – 28. 02.
07.00-10.00 HWS (Hard working sleepless) Those already/still awake are invited to do some voluntary and “patriotic” work for the event – anything that keeps it running well (washing dishes, cleaning the dining room, taking garbage away, preparing breakfast, building a snowman or distroying the snowman others have built etc.)
09.00-10.00: YMP (Yoga / meditation / prayer)
09.00-11.00: Breakfast + brainstorming about the upcoming days.
11.00-12.00: Walking tour through Tusnad (—) / Spa session
12.00-13.00: TIME BUFFER

12.00-14.00: Preparing lunch & having lunch

14.00-18.00: CA (Carnival Academy)
14.00-14.15: Opening and Introducing the “Deep” concept of the presentations – Hans H.)
14.15-15.00: Rio, Venice, Tusnadfurdo. Carnival and collective revelry/partying worldwide (Hans H./Sighisoara)
15.00-16.00: “Autobiography of Barcelona” – Urban planning, socialist utopia/distopia and the human being. (Daniel V., Barcelona, the author of the book with the same name)
16.30-17.30: Transilvania – Identies, Politics and Society in a multicultural region in Central-Eastern Europe (Andrei P., Sibiu)
17.30-18.00: TIME BUFFER

19.00-20.00: Preparing dinner + CA presentation: Addiction, tradition and/or bad taste? Historical, socionutritional, cultural and ethical aspects of lard eating (“slanina”) in Transylvania in the context of European integration and globalisation (Hans H.) .
20.00-21.00: Dinner with lard degustation

21.00: Little Carnival + dance class with Kristina (Shim-sham – a type of swing, if I got that right)

SAT / SAM – 01. 03.
07.00-10.00 HWS (Hard working sleepless. For details see Friday)
09.00-10.00: YMP (Yoga / meditation / prayer)
09.00-10.45: Breakfast

10.45-13.00: CA (Carnival Academy)
10.45-11.45: Martenica record attempt. Handicraft workshop with Kristina D./Sofia
12.00-13.00: Fast forward overview of the presentations to be held during the Carnival Academy

13.00-14.00: Preparing lunch
14.00-15.00: Lunch/

15.00-16.00: Multiculturalism Explained. The cases of Transylvania and Switzerland. Roxana Lachewicz/Bucuresti
16.00-18.00: Carnival Academy: Female energy & women’s power (More details: Mascha)
16.00-18.00: Carnival Academy: Male energy & men’s power (playing backgammon and/or analysing the play of different football teams. Drinking beer meanwhile is compulsory.)

18.00-19.00: Preparing for carnival (food, drinks, preparing/fixing costumes, masks, facepainting, music, dance)
19.00-21.00: Big Carneval Part 1 (in the dining room of the Hostel). Motto: “Ice-Age of Love”. Love has become a battlefield of the genders!
21.10-21.30: Marching over to the Thermal bath – location of the Pool-Carnival
21.30-00.30: Big Carnival Part 2 (Pool-Carnival). Motto: “Iarna-i ca vara!”/”Winter is like summer!”. Let’s escape to the summer and to the seaside to melt down the ice shields from pour love! (A reference to a funny expression of Romania’s president.). SURPRISE during the Pool-Carnival: “Dancing karaoke” (10 min.)
00.30-01.00: Going back to the Hostel
01.00: Big Carnival Part 3. Motto: “Stranded on Carnival Island”. The tropical sun has melted the ice away from our souls, but on our way back to Europe we’ve stranded alltogether on Carnival Island… SURPRISE during the Carnival: Election and Crowning Ceremony of the King and the Queen of Carnival Island.

SUN / DUM – 02. 03. (no CA on Sunday!)
07.00-10.00 HWS (Hard working sleepless. For details see Friday)
09.00-10.00 YMP (Yoga / meditation / prayer)
10.00-11/12.00: Church mass (Orthodox and/or Catholic)
11.00-13.00: Brunch

13.00-17.00: Seed exchange (giving and receiving from each other traditional and local seeds from your native/living places, in order to preserve old, vernacular, nonindustrial varieties)
13.00-15.00: Walking/Hiking tour through Tusnad (Solyomko/Piatra Soimului; or Saint Ann’s Lake?)
13.00-15.00: Szekely jacuzzi/sauna
15.00-16.00: TIME BUFFER + Departure of weekend guests
16.00-19.00: Fire & Ice: Skating, skiing, sleighing Carnival

19.00-21.00: Preparing dinner & having dinner
21.00: Carnival Afterparty

MON /LUN – 03. 03. (Shrove Monday / Monday before Lent)
07.00-10.00 HWS (Hard working sleepless. For details see Friday)
09.00-10.00: YMP (Yoga / meditation / prayer)
11.00-12.00: Brunch

12.00-19.00: CA – The marathon
12.00-13.00: Urban planning and socialist utopia in Barcelona (Daniel V.)
13.00-14.30: Deep ecology (Claudian Dobos + Filipa/RO+PT)
15.00-16.00: (Eco-)Activism in RO (Hans H.)
16.00-17.00: (Eco-)Activism in HU (Kati V.-R.)
18.00-19.00: (Eco-)Activism in BG (Kristina D.)

19.00-21.00: Preparing dinner & having dinner
21.00: Carnival Afterchill

TUE / MAR – 04. 03. (Mardi Gras/Fat Thursday)
07.00-10.00 HWS (Hard working sleepless. For details see Friday)
09.00-10.00: YMP (Yoga / meditation / prayer)
11.00-12.00: Brunch

12.00-19.00: CA – The Secret of Love – The Art of Life (Get final answers to all of your questions!)

19.00-21.00: Preparing dinner & having dinner
21.00-24.00 (sharp): The End of Carnival

WED / MIE – 05. 03. (Ash Wednesday)
Early morning: Church mass

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