“I don’t see the bear very often – only once or twice per month.” Homo sapiens meets bear in Transylvania (V.)

Stories with bears and about bears – taken from qualitative interviews with locals in southern Transylvania in summer-autumn 2013.
Q = question
A = answer (in this case by a 29 year old Romanian shepard from the village of Vidacut/Hidegkut, Mures county)


Q: And how often do you see the bear?
A: Well, I’ve seen him in spring and two nights ago – so, not very often! Once per month or maximum twice per month.

Q: Would you still feel at home in case there would be no more bears in Transylvania?
A: Well, for us the bear is like our neighbor. (…) Like my neighbor at home. There’s no difference between my neighbor and the bear who comes every second evening. We’re somehow used to him.


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