The “Austrian Method”. Or: How to steal 130 Million Euro in Romania

HOLZINDUSTRIE SCHWEIGHOFER (HSR), an Austrian timber company based in Sebes, Romania, has, since 2003, used measurement methods for timber based on the so-called “rotating calliper/gripper”. Specialists say that this method calculates approximately 10,2% less timber volume than other legal measuring systems.

In tandem with other dishonest pratices, HS’s system takes advantage of wood suppliers and of the Romanian State, causing damages of at least 130 million Euros. So far, the general public in Romania has not been informed about the details of this measurement method and how it functions. The public authorities have not addressed the problem either, either through lack of information or complicity.

As a consequence the question arises if the HSR factories and subsidiaries like s.c. Bioelectrica, Cascade Empire etc. can still keep working legally under these circumstances?

Holzindustrie Schweighofer - …sterreichischer Investor des Jahres in RumŠnien
The “Austrian Method” – strongly supported by the Austrian Foreign Office. The Austrian ambassador handing over the award “Austrian investor of the Year in Romania” to Mr. Gerald Schweighofer, in Vienna, on October 27. 2014. Photo: Marketing Austria.

Download Report (RO) with English abstract:: Metoda-Austriaca-Schweighofer
Download Report (RO) with Hungarian abstract:: HU-Metoda-Austriaca-complet
Download Report (DE) with English abstract:: Die-Oesterreichische-Methode

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