SHALE GAS in ROMANIA: VICTORY over illegally working exploration company in Transylvania

MOSNA/MESCHEN, Sibiu county, Transylvania/Romania, November 16, 2013
After a day full of drama
and fight against the illegal shale gas explorations in the village of MOSNA/MESCHEN in Sibiu county in Transylvania, the approx. 100 protesters, supported by many locals experienced an unexpected victory over the apparently allmighty gas exploration company s.c. PROSPECTIUNI S.A.

In the morning of the 16th of november, a day with a scheduled protest against shale gas explorations in southern Transylvania, exploration personell illegally started works on the land of WIlly Schutser, a wellknown organic farmer in Mosna. Protesters who did arrive 1-2 days before stopped the workes and forced them back in their vehicles. One 4X4 was seized on Willy Schuster’s land, as a proof of the trespassing by the company.

After being threatened and insulted by company representative Ghe. Daianu the protests continued and escalated, which forced the company and its security service to leave the stage of the protests. At 1 pm a 4-500m long convoy of approx. 40 cars of the protesters went from Mosna to the neighboring village of Alma Vii, where illegal seismic testing had been reported as well.willy-sa1
Photo: Hans Hedrich

The culmination point was reached late in the afternoon in Alma Vii, when dozens of protesters (from all over Transylvania and Romania) collected hundreds if not thousands of meters of cables of the exploration company that had been streched accross the fields. No wonder that the return of the “unplugging” teams to the village turned into a true march of triumph, without police and riot police being able/willing to stop them…

Later in the evening Mr. Daianu, the representative of the exploration company who insulted and threatened the protesters earlier this day, had the bad intuition to come to the village center, claiming “his” cables back from the protesters who were just celebrating their succesful day, raising thus the spontaneous anger and fury of the protesters. Thanks to the presence of the riot police Mr. Daianu could “escape” Alma Vii without serious incindents.

After this unexpected and major success there’s no other realistic scenario but the IMMINENT and FINAL stop of all illegal shale gas exploration works all over Romania. Don’t you believe this? Just look at the pictures below and SEE the symbolism in it!

THE PICTURES OF VICTORY: People defeating an aggressive corporation and its security service – as well as their previous fear…
(Fotographer: Catalin Grosu)





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