Mother’s Day in Greece: Riot police beats up women protesting against illegal gold mining in Halkidiki


May 12, 2013

Today, international Mother’s Day, a large number of women peacefully demonstrated in the mountain region of Kakavos, once again, defending their land, their lives and the future of their children. They were surrounded by riot police and beaten mercilessly. Two mothers of three children each, were injured. One of the injured women is in hospital while the second is amongst the three detained who have been transferred to Police Headquarters of Halkidiki.

The women who gathered at the mountain were threatened by employees of Hellas Gold and policemen. At the same time, a group of residents who were gathered at another part of the mountain, trying to reach the point where the forest is being deforested, were met by riot police who assaulted them with teargas.

We denounce the Greek Police, who for a long time, with a large police force prevents residents from approaching the public areas of Kakavos mountain, where Hellas Gold is performing its operations. We denounce the Greek Police for the protection services it provides the company and support for its illegal activities. We condemn the brutal repression and police violence that the local people face everyday.

We declare that we will continue our struggle to protect our land and our lives. We urge every citizen to stand in support and solidarity in our fight for the environment, our lives and the defense of our constitutional and human rights.

Kakavos forest. Source >>>

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