MAXAM explosives put life and safety of people in Romania at risk

Below an appeal to the world by wellknown organic Farmer Willy Schuster from the UNESCO Heritage Site of Meschen/Mosna, in Sibiu county in Transylvania/Romania:

“The photos below show workers of s.c. PROSPECTIUNI S.A. while uloading tens of kilograms of explosives on MY PRIVATE PROPERTY – without ANY approval from my side – in order to make shale gas explorations. The explosive is called “Rioesis Plus” by the company “Maxam Deutschland GmbH” and being handled without security measures. As a result I was able when I got to that place to just take some samples of the explosives in my hands to see what it is like. How should we react, when police and other authorities do NOT protect us, but take the side of the company?”

S.c. Prospectiuni S.A. is searching for shale gas in the region of Transylvania for Romanian gas giant ROMGAZ, in the framework of a speculative listing of ROMGAZ at London Stock Exchange. In order to “tune up” the ROMGAZ portfolio, s.c. PROSPECTIUNI S.A. is intensifying its illegal explorations works in the country.
Mosna and other UNESCO Heritage villages of the Transylvanian Saxons are being highly appreciated and regularly visited by HRH, the Prince of Wales, for their unique beauty and flair.

SIGN the AVAAZ PETITION against MAXAM here >>>


Willy Schuster (right) at a farmer’s protest in Brussels




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