“He smashed sixteen sheep ’cause he was so upset”! Homo (non)sapiens meets bear in Transylvania (I.)

Below some funny and/or very inspiring and wise remarks and observations of a 58 year old rom/gipsy from the village of Dealu Frumos / Brasov county(?) about his experience with bears in that area. The interview with him was made on September 25, 2013 in the framework of a scientific research project about biodiversity and development patterns in rural society in Southern Transylvania, led by young researchers from the Leuphana University in Lueneburg/Germany.
Enjoy! (And try to understand…)

H = Hans Hedrich, the ‘researcher’
I = Interviewed person



H: Are there persons who have only advantages from the presence of the bear in this area?
I: No.

H: And are there persons who have only disadvantages?
I: I can tell you somebody whom the bear has “smashed” 16 sheep ’cause those persons had chased and upset him [the bear] with the dogs. (laughs out)
H: Have you seen that?
I (laughing): Yes, I’ve been there with Nicolae…

H: Why did the bear do that?
I (laughs out): Because he was so upset (“enervat“), ’cause the dogs had bitten/pinched while chasing him! Then he came back and took the sheep just like this!… All those big sheep…
H: And has the bear teared them apart?
I: He teared them apart. And then he left. (Continues in an admiring tone): But he didn’t take a single one with him to eat! So, he had just taught them a lesson! (‘Quoting’ the thinking of the bear): “You’ve chased me with your dogs?! Just wait and I’ll tear you in pieces!” (laughs out) And he left. He didn’t take anything in his mouth! …But he has smashed everything there, ’cause he was so upset! A bear is very smart, you should know! As peaceful the bear is, when somebody steps on his ‘toes’, he defends himself, right?

H: Do the authorities do anything to prevent damages caused by the bear?
I: Yes!
H: I mean, feeding them…
I: Yes, yes!
H: Yes?
I: Yes, but they don’t give the feed to them!
H: How’s that?
I: They do…
H: Yes…
I: They have feed but they don’t bring it to them!
H: How come “they don’t bring it to them”?
I: Well, just like this!
H: Ah, they don’t bring the feed to the bear?
I: To the bear… [Instead] they bring it to the courtyard of some people…
H: You mean that they [the forest authority, etc.] cultivate lands for the bear but the forester takes the harvest back home?
I: Surely. The forest authority has lands for this purpose, harvests… I need to take you out there to “Repa Mare” [a place in the fields in Dealu Frumos] to see that beautyful piece of land!
H: Especially cultivated for animals?
I: Especially for animals, from the forest authority! (Almost whispering): But…
H: So, they cultivate it… And who takes the harvest – the forester?
I (almost whispering): Yes! (laughs)…
H: Got it…
I (almost whispering): So, they’re not interested in the animals anymore… They’re interested only in money and wealth. (whispering) And I’d say this even to the most important person in the whole wide world!
H: Very good!
I: Money kills everybody today!
H: Mhmm!

H: Do you think tourists could come in future to Dealu Frumos to watch bears?
I: They could bring 10 truckloads of tourists – or let’s say 10 busses full of them, but the bear doesn’t stay so you can see him like in other places where they film him at the garbage bins. (…) Here the bears have enough feed! Forests with cranberries… They have things to eat. Except in winter when the forest authorities don’t feed them.

H: (at the end of the interview) How old are you, please?
I: 58 years. …Axente Stelian
H: Your name doesn’t matter!
I (laughing): No, I tell you!
H: I know, but we do the interviews anonimously, you know…
I: But I tell you!
H: This is the correct way, that we don’t ask for the name of the interviewed person…
I: But why not? The things I’m saying …
H: It’s ok [to know your name] but…
I: They must know what I’ve said and they must know who has said it! (almost whispering): ‘Cause I protect the animals, I give you my word!
H: H: Happy to hear this!
I: And this is why I’m talking about it, so that all those from ‘Ocolul silvic’ hear it, so that they protect them, Sir!,  instead of filling up their bags! And the fridge! Plus the corn baskets! And the bales of straw! They should bring the feed to them [the bears]! ‘Cause the bears have their own fields and their harvests! …I’ll get you there and show you the truth! So that ‘Terea’ knows what’s going on!
H: Is Mr. Terea the chief of the forest authority in Sibiu?
I: Yes! Sibiu…
H: Maybe I’ll call him so he comes to look around a bit what’s happening here!
I: (emphasised): YES!
H: Mhmm, mhmm.
I: And this is why I’ve said “Axente Stelian”! So that they know! And you may write about “Repa Mare” as well! There are so many hectares of land there! (emphasised): For the animals!
H: Cultivated with corn?
I: Cultivated, yes!
H: How far and which direction is it? That way?
I: Yes, that way and then you head behind “Dealul Rotund”…

So, thank you! Could you please tell me your profession as well?
I:I’m retired.
H: And what have you worked in the past? Shepard?
I: Noooo! I’ve worked only at the townhall.
H: What exactly?
I: Doorkeeper.

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