Despre SCHWEIGHOFER si taierea padurilor virgine in Rusia

Intr-un studiu datand din 1994, semnat de Robert Kovacs, despre impactul negativ al Austriei asupra padurilor boreale din Rusia, finantat de GREENPEACE, se face referire si la practicile firmei HOLZINDUSTRIE SCHWEIGHOFER in Rusia…

Unul din cele mai bizare enunturi atribuite in studiu patronului firmei, Gerlad Schweighofer, vorbeste de la sine – si ne face sa intelegem mai bine si practicile ilegale si sfidatoare ale acestei firme in tara noastra. Probabil se cred in Rusia, acum 20 de ani… CITAT : “Este deplorabil ca a scazut atat de mult rata de exploatare [a padurilor; n.n.], deoarece Rusia are inca suficiente paduri virgine ce pot fi exploatate.” (pag. 8) Originalul in limba engleza il gasiti mai jos! Sublinierile ne apartin.

Studiul complet il puteti descarca aici: austrian companies and forest destruction in russia


“According to Mr Schweighofer, about one third of the timber that is processed in his three works comes from Russia, i.e. between 300,000 and 400,000 m3 per year. These incredibly high figures exceed the values given in the official statistics for 1992 and would imply that the Schweighofer company is the only importer of Russian timber. This, however, is denied by other Austrian timber importers, but when questioned on the reason for this discrepancy they can hardly provide a plausible answer.

Nevertheless, Mr Schweighofer would like to import even more timber and regrets the fact that in Russia the number of trees logged has sunk continuously. According to him, it is deplorable that the logging rates have been reduced by 50% since Russia has plenty of forests and virgin forests to be exploited. The Schweighofer company is also represented with five joint ventures, one of them is to be found in Siberia. The joint venture Avstrofor in Vologda in European Russia (an area already over-exploited is not only a processing plant but also carries out import and export operations.

Timber is transported to Austria and Finland via this firm in Vologda as well as a further commercial enterprise. The firm Troitsko-Pechorsk in the Komi republic (which also ranks among the over-exploited areas in Russia is run as a forest enterprise only, a sawmill, however, is being constructed. This enterprise, which employs 1,600 people, is organized on a private basis, and Schweighofer owns 44% of the shares. This joint venture in Komi holds the timber rights to 418,000 hectares of forest, 70,000 hectares being virgin forest. Deforestation is only done by clear-cutting. In the virgin forest progressive logging is used, too.

Thus, 400,000 m3 of timber are produced per year and it is planned to increase the logging rates to 600,000 m3 until 1995. About 50% of this timber (mainly pulpwood for the production of pulp as well as boards and panels) remains in Russia, the rest is exported.

“Illegal logging” in Russia. Source: Deforestation in the Russian Taiga

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