Corporate asshole of the month: John Aston, former RMGC director

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10 years ago,
John Aston was preaching the benefits of the cyanide gold mining project of Rosia Montana Gold Corporation (RMGC), as the director of this company, in Rosia Montana, Romania. We remember him from the public consultations… he was ready to swear that he will drink residual watter from the tailing pond, just to persuade the opposition.


… meanwhile he abandoned the (sinking) ship. In 2011, we find John Aston disguised as environmental activist, somewhere in Hunedoara, Romania, fighting to stop(!) an environmental permit for the excavation of a hill. Mr. Aston was directly affected by this project, as he was the owner of a property in that community… All of a sudden that hill was more important than 4 mountains and a cyanide lake, because that hill was near his home.
But the wolf changes he’s coat, never his vices.

Now Mr. Aston is back in a leadership position for a mining company, this time in Slovakia, where he fights to destroy another historic community, just like Rosia Montana. And he denies everything he has said and done in the past for RMGC.
… so much for responsible mining and corporate prostitution.


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